Hello and Welcome

Hi. I’m Andrew. Thank you for visiting my website and channels.

Throughout my career I have played trumpet in show pit orchestras and bands around the country and I have also performed onstage as well as working in stage management.

I have had a varied and enjoyable career and I am now based in County Durham where I live with my wife Joanne. We enjoy walking the dogs and taking in the inspiring views of the lovely county.

I love to blog, vlog, photography and sharing memories. This website and channels give me the opportunity to bring all my loves together and to link them all together. All of my strands are starting from a fresh beginning.

The new beginning allows me to rediscover inspirations old and new. I will be taking you all with me upon my journey of discovery which will include all of my favourite and possibly not too favourite memories. It will also allow me to rediscovering different creative experiences and developing new ones. I hope you all enjoy sharing this journey with me. It will be fun.

I will be making videos on YouTube, sharing more photos and I will blog more. I am building this website to bring all those things together. Please support me and enjoy the journey with me where I will rediscover my creative voice.


Thank you for visiting.


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